Romanian women excel in traditionally male-dominated fields

While globally there are still discrepancies in wages between men and women and generally some fields of work are dominated by men, there are countries where this is an exception.

Romanian women for example are very much involved in professions that are traditonally male-dominated, according to Kristalina Georgieva, the World Bank executive director. Georgieva noted in a speech at the National School of Political and Administrative Studies that women in Romania are leaders in the European Union in fields of work such as sciences, maths and computer science. As well, they are more likely to study engineering and manufacturing compared to women from other European countries.

Another good news is that Romania has the lowest gender pay gap in the union, which is only 5.2% compared to the average gap in the EU of 16%.

In an article we posted a few years ago, we noted that girls in Romania are not discouraged to enter fields like engineering and programming and that Romania has one of the highest percentages of women in tech ( 27.2%) along with Bulgaria (27.7%). The numbers of women in tech are increasing with every year. In 2017 29.3% of Romanian computer-science students were women.

source: business review






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