Bucharest ranked the best gaming city in the world

The best gaming city in the world is Bucharest thanks to high internet speed and low ping, according to an internet speed test platform called Ookla. Besides the fact that Romania has one of the fastest internet speed in the world, Bucharest alone has a rich gaming culture as it hosts many gaming events and there are many local gaming studios.

After placing Bucharest on top of the list, speedtest.net chose Hangzhou, China on the second place ( the city invested 280 million dollars for this purpose) and Chengdu, China on the third place. The fourth place was occupied by Singapore which was the host of the 5th Annual GameStart Convention and Seoul, South Korea was on the fourth place.

So how did Bucharest manage to become top of the list? It’s not only the internet infrastructure( average download speedtest is 172 Mbps and upload speed is 126 Mps) but also Bucharest hosts the Southeast Championship and the FIFA National Tournament and in 2018 it has hosted thr Dota 2 tournament with prizes worth 1 million dollars..The city also hosts international videogame producers: Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and Gameloft.







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