83 year old woman finds bag of cash on street, turns it in

A woman from Dolj has found a bag of money in the street in Craiova. The 83 year old woman went immediately to the police after finding that the bag had a very large sum of money ( 13,400 lei which is around 2,800 euros).

After the police did some research they found out that that the money belonged to a 49 year old man. The money were a government subsidy for agricultural work for his land. The man came to Craiova to pick up the money and he lost the bag.

In the same area, in Dolj, in March a man has found a wallet with 11, 000 lei( around 2,300 euros) and gave it to the police. Last year another man found a bag with 30,000 lei ( 6,340 euros) in Buzau county. Luckily, the bag also had several documents that belonged to a 61 year old woman. While the police was investigating who lost the bag, the woman went to the police to tell them what happened, without knowing that someone has found the bag.

source: greatnews







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