Man discovers treasure with medieval coins in his backyard

A man from a tiny village has discovered between 400-500 Medieval silver coins in his back yard. The man from Grosi, Auseu commune, Bihor county, population 940 residents, was digging a ditch in his garden when he discovered the treasure.

Ilea Nicu took the coins to the townhall. The authorities decided to give the findings to the Tarii Crisurilor museum in Oradea. The man will receive 30% off the value of the treasure from the government as a compensation for finding and donating the treasure. This compensation is always given to people who find treasures or other archeological goods and who give them to the authorities within 72 hours.

If someone finds something that is considered having an exceptional value, they will get a bonus of extra 15% of the value.

source: Alesd online






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