Romanian students win 6 medals at the International Maths Olympiad in Bath, UK

The Romanian team has secured 6 medals at the Math International Olympiad this year in Bath, United Kingdom.

Thanks to winning the only gold medal, Edis Memis, is now listed in the top best 15th mathematician students in the world. Edis Memis studies at the International IT Highschool in Constanta.

Another two students have won silver medals: Sergiu-Ionut Novac from the Coriolan Brediceanu highschool in Lugoj and Sebastian-Mihai Simon from the International IT highschool in Bucharest. As well, Tudor-Darius Cards from the A T Laurian national college in Botosani and Nguyen Tran-Bach from the International IT highschool in Bucharest won bronze medals.

It is said that this is the youngest Romanian team to ever participate in this competition. The first edition of the International Mathematics Olympiad was organized in 1959 in Brasov, Romania.







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