Metallica donates 250,000 euros to Romanian piediatric cancer hospital

Metallica has donated 250,000 euros to the ” Daruieste viata” ( Give life) children oncology hospital.

The rock music group has their own charity called All Within My Hands and they were happy to contribute with the money towards the building of the first children hospital for the treatment of cancer in Romania.

The donation was made public on the hospital’s Facebook page with the message

Metallica joins the #NoiFacemUnSpital ( We are building a hospital) initative. We are the largest community that is socially involved in Romania.

The group held a concert in Bucharest this week, while touring around the world. Groups Ghost and Bokassa opened for Metallica. It’s the forth time the group has come to Romania. They first came in 1999, then in 2008 and in 2010 within the Sonisphere event. Now Metallica are on their Wolrdwired tour and they are promoting their new album called Hardwired…to Self-destruct.

The hospital that they chose to donate to is currently in construction. It will have 6 floors and 12000 mp and 180 beds. This will also be the first hospital in the country with designated spaces for parents and the first hospital with relaxation areas for children. The project is purely financed by individuals and private companies. So far, over 150,000 people donated and over 1,500 private companies. No funds were given by the government. So far, the structure of the hospital was finished on June, 2019 and they are hoping to launch the opening in 2020.







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