New dinosaur eggs discovered in Romania

Several nests with dinosaur eggs were discovered by a team of students recently in two villages in Tara Hategului area.

The student teams led by professor Csiki-Sava and Stefan Vasile discovered the nests in Livezi and Boita villages and now they are working on restoring them. They are supported by Dino Parc Rasnov, which is Romania’s only dinosaur park.

Right now the team believes that the eggs belong to the duck-billed dinosaur Telmatosaurus Transsylvanicus. The dinosaur was herbivore and lived in Transylvania 70 million years ago.

The good news is that the public will be able to see the nests. The dinosaur park have started exhibiting them a few days ago. The nests will contain the real dinosaur eggs and also replicas of nests with hatchlings.

If you want to visit them you will need to travel to Rasnov Citadel, which is near the city of Brasov ( there are direct trains from Bucharest and also from Cluj). The dino park has over 100 exhibits, cinemas, an adventure trail and children’s playgrounds.

Dino park in Rasnov
The adventure trail







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