10 best Romanian startups to watch out for in 2019 and beyond

Romania has become quite the popular startup destination and Cluj has become the Silicon valley of Central and Eastern Europe ( we wrote about this in a quite recent article). Not surprisingly, many IT companies that have been established in Romania are thriving. Recently, the eu-startups website has listed 10 Romanian start-ups we need to look out for in 2019. So which ones are worth considering? Here’s the list:

  1. Typing DNA

The company was created in 2016 and it was included in the top 50 innovative startups in Europe and it is also a Techstars NYC alumni. What does it do? The company is in the field of behavioral biometris and it protects the identity of online users based on the way they type on their keyboards. So far, the companies has been used by many people. Their offices: Oradea, Romania and New York.

2. FintechOS

A 2017 startup that has created a platform for the finance sector for the banks and insurance companies who need innovation in order to grow and also to retain their existing customers via digital transformation processes. At the moment the startup is considered one of the most important financial technology players and they have a portofolio of more than 10 billion euros in managed assets. Their offices: Bucharest, London and Amsterdam.

3. Teleport HQ

Created in 2018, in Cluj-Napoca, the company offers a platform and tools that help user interface professionals create and publish user interfaces for both desktop and mobile devices.

4. Questo

35,000 people have already used this fun app that allows you to explore cities like London, Paris, Amsterdam and Rome. The exploration is quite fun because users have to solve clues if they want to discover new places. The quests have different themes inspired from books, movies and legends. The app already has 35,000 users and it is available for 40 cities. Their offices: Bucharest.

5. Elrond

Internet is slow? Elrond can fix it as they are able to bring the broadband performance to blockchain. They are able to bring 1000x improvement in troughput and execution speed, thus improving user experience. Their office: Sibiu.

6. CyberSwarm

Mihai Raneti, the CyberSwarm CEO

Founded in 2017 the company is in the field of cybersecurity. They have invented a neuromorphic system-on-a-chip which help companies to have a secure communication between their devices. The start-up has 20 doctorate graduates working together with another 15 tech employees and has partnered with the National Institute for Research and Development in Mcrotechnologies in Romania.

Offices: Ploiesti, Romania and San Mateo, California.

7. SmartDreamers

The start-up created in 2014 in Targu Mures already operates throughout Europe in the field of recruitment. They have created a platform that helps recruitment companies reach better candidates by using AI and RPA along with social media channels. By using their platform, companies have reduced the cost per hire and the time they take to reach candidates.

8. Nifty Learning

The start-up was created in Iasi by a team of volunteers from Best.eu.org and their focus is on training management. What the Nifty Learning has done is a platform that helps companies measure learners’ progress and monitor employees training data. By using this platform, companies can save 20% of their budget that goes towards training.

9. Talent Browse

Another start-up created for the recruitment sector has made a marketplace platform where agencies can place their candidates and other companies have access to IT professionals that are looking for a job and are available for interviews.

Their offices: Bucharest.

10. XVision

A very helpful start-up in the medical field helps radiologists see better anomalies. AI algorithms are used interpret X-ray images and then they show anomalies and also a list of diseases that might cause the anomaly together with a heatmap.

Their offices: Timisoara







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