Tour of Romania cycling competition to be organized in September

We all love to watch the Tour de France, if not for the competition but for the beautiful landscape. Did you know there is also a Tour of Romania? It’s been organized since 1934, however it was not popularised like other tours.

This year the cycling race’route will start in Cluj-Napoca and then continue to TransBucegi road towards Bucegi mountains and end in Bucharest. It should be quite a beautiful route as it goes through Sighisoara, Brasov, Targoviste and Ploiesti. It also reaches TransBucegi which is a road that passes by the Babele and Sphinx in Bucegi mountains.

The competition will be between September 11 and September 15. Cyclists from Romania, Russia, Poland, Germany, Italy and US will participate. It will be 20 teams and in total 140 competitors. The competition is a 2.1 category which means that cyclists that participated in the Tour of France and Italy and semi-professional teams are allowed to cycle together.






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