Romanian researcher receives 1.5 million euro grant from the EU commission​

A Romanian researcher has received a 1.5 million euros grant which will go towards the development of a DNA data analysis technology. This technology will be useful in medical diagnosis.

His name is Alexandru Tomescu and he is a researcher in computer science at the Helsinki university. The Europea Research council has announced the grant on their Facebook page two days ago.

The researcher will use this grant to create a special technology that analyses DNA data. His project is called “Safe and complete algorythms for bioinformatics”.

The European Research Council stated that in computer science the method used is that of visualising and analyzing all the solutions, hoping they will find the right one. However, it is hard to work with a lot of data. Now, doctor Alexandru Tomescu will be able to help by creating a technology.

His method is already used in experiments, however he will be the first one to do it in analaytical way. The council estimates that his technology will be useful because it will evolve from the laboratory to medical diagnosis.

Who is Alexandru Tomescu?

He studied IT at the Bucharest University and then got his PhD at the Udine University in Italy. Now he is working at the Helsinki university. The European Institute offers grants that are wroth 621 million euros for 408 researchers that start their career.









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