Astra museum wins prestigious Micheletti award

You’ve heard of the British Museum, the Guggenheim museum, but maybe you haven’t heard of Astra museum from Sibiu. Well, add it to your list as this lovely outdoors museum has just been recognised on an European level.

The museum has recently received the Micheletti award which an award given to prestigious and innovative museums in Europe. The museum has managed to beat other ones from 18 countries thanks to a project called Open Patrimony. The project consisted of an open-air museum where all Romanian traditions were presented. As well, the museum has encouraged young people to come and participate in traditional workshops where they could become familiar with old crafts like weaving.

Astra museum representatives

The director of the museum said that he did not expect this award and he dedicated it to all the museum workers and their families as they have been working day and night for the projects.

Horseshoe workshop
Weaving workshop

What’s next? The museum plans to invest some more money and to develop the Art house, the Universal Ethnographic museum which will also have a cinema. The Astra museum right now also has sensorial alleys where you can go bare feet and feel the textures.

This weekend Astra is hosting a harvest festival with plenty of activities.






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