How an association brings mobile showers to the homeless in Bucharest

People without a home will have the possibility now to shower thanks to a project founded by Carusel.

The association has launched a new project called The Mobile Shower. More than 200 homeless people will be able to use regularly this service. This project will also help around 850 people who don’t have a home or live in bad conditions to maintain their personal hygiene thanks to the facilities.

The organizers said that they want to help people get their dignity back, to feel better about themselves and the first step is to body hygienes and washing their clothes. They are hoping that thanks to this project people will be able to have access to work and other services.

The mobile shower van was made in such a way that it uses street hydrants for water and the heating of the water is done via an advanced system based on petrol. The van also has two washing machines and two driers as well as shaving machines, machines for cutting hair and hair driers. People who will come to use the mobile shower will also receive free clothes, underwear, feminine hygiene products and shoes. These have been donated to the association. As well, the van will also have phone chargers and Wi Fi.

The mobile shower is stationed throughout Bucharest.







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