Romanian students win the Microsoft Office Specialist 2019 World Championships

Two amazing Romanian students have won the Microsoft Office Specialist 2019 World Championships, the Word and Excel sections.

Mihaela Florea and Adrian Boier have managed to beat 850,000 candidates from 119 countries. Mihaela Florea is from Braila and is now studying Computer Science at the University of Southampton the UK. According to Romania Journal she said:

The secret is  the persistence and to not give up when things get more difficult, but to try and solve them patiently. I have worked hard in computer science during high-school (…) The Excel section is more difficult overall (…) at the world championship they require a project that has to look professional and to function from the point of view of formulas and diagrams in a pretty short time. It involves many hours of work, not necessarily to learn information, but rather a lot of exercising and using shortcuts.

Mihaela hopes to work in web development after she graduates. Adrian Boier is a student at the Tiberiu Popoviciu High School of IT in Cluj-Napoca. The two students won 7,000 dollars and a Surface laptop. Another student from RomaniaAdrian Muntean, has also won the third place for the Microsoft Power Point competition.

Adrian Muntean
Adrian Boier

The winners of the competition are:

Microsoft Word® 2013

First place, Li-Ting Wang, Taiwan
Second place, Pak Ming Yip, Hong Kong
Third place, Hoi Chon Tam, Macau

Microsoft Word® 2016

First place, Adrian Boier, Romania
Second place, Pou Leng Ho, Macau
Third place, Aryan Trehan, India

Microsoft PowerPoint® 2013

First place, Kyriakos Chatziefthymiadis, Greece
Second place, Ana Marija Atanasovska, Republic of North Macedonia
Third place, Ashlyn Dumaw, USA

Microsoft PowerPoint® 2016

First place, Seth Maddox, USA
Second place, Ondrej Cach, Czech Republic
Third place, Adrian Muntean, Romania

Microsoft Excel® 2013

First place, Chi Kin Che, Macau
Second place, Fariz Firdausi, USA
Third place, Anh Tran Hoang, Vietnam

Microsoft Excel® 2016

First place, Mihaela Florea, Romania
Second place, Kitithat Khemsom, Thailand
Third place, Tarik Džambić, Bosnia and Herzegovina






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