Denisa Hodisan wins Miss Planet 2019 title

Romanian beauty Denisa Hodisan has won the Miss Planet 2019 title this year. The 26- year- old has recently participated at the Miss and Mister Planet International in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Denisa Hodisan , from Oradea, is a graduate of the faculty of Mathematics and has been passionate about modeling for a while. She has won many other awards in the past, such as the Miss Balkana 2017 in Belgrade and Miss Photogenia in 2017 at the same competition.

Denisa said that she is really proud to have won the competition. She was happy because she works with children and that she helps them to reach the top and to promote Romania.

The finals of the competition have brought together competitors from 15 countries, including Spain, India and Poland. The winner of the Mister Planet title was Aubrey Pieterse from South Africa. Denisa has received as a prize, a large sum of money, a crown made of gold and silver, invitations to the next 3 international competitions and many designer gifts.






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