Romanian diaspora invite truck drivers to have Christmas dinner thanks to campaign

Truck drivers don’t have the best Christmas. They are on the road nonstop and they sleep in their 2 metres cabin. The only way to connect with their family is via a smartphone. It doesn’t sound like a very merry Christmas, does it?

Sometimes truck drivers meet in a parking lot and enjoy a small Christmas dinner, however most of the time they spend Christmas alone. Adriana Muresan, a woman who has been working as a truck driver for 16 years has come up with a very interesting idea and has launched a campaign through which she asks the Romanian diaspora to invite a truck driver to their homes for Christmas to enjoy a nice dinner. Adriana said that because of the company you work for, you cannot choose the place where you can stop for Christmas.

The drivers live in a very controlled environment, where the routes are calculated and you have to obey the rules, such as when to take time off and when to drive. You cannot just stop when you feel like. Adriana has felt this loneliness many times on Easter and Christmas holidays so she started a Facebook group called Volunteers in Europe where she asks the diaspora to welcome a truck driver into their homes. She said if families cannot “adopt” a truck driver, they can at least visit him/her and say hello and maybe bring some delicious Romanian foods.

A family visits truck drivers to give them cozonac
A woman has brought sarmale and cozonac for truck drivers
A Facebook post that asks drivers to come have Christmas dinner in France. They only ask for a carol in exchange.








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