Romanian astronomer discovers new star

A new star was discovered and this time the astronomer that found it is a Romanian. Ciprian Vintdevara works at the Vasile Parvan Astronomic Observatory in Barlad has named the new star: Barlad.

The Barlad V1 star is a Delta Scuti variable and it is 4,000 light years distance from our planet. Variable stars are those that modify their brightness due to some interior processes. The Barlad V1 is located in the Perseus constellation. Vintdevara said:

I have noticed that one of the stars is variable, and was not in the database of the AAVSO. It is a Delta Scuti star, and has a variation of 98 minutes from a minimum to a maximum.

Barlad V1 was discovered in November 2019 and it is now included in the American Association Variable Star Observers data base. Vintdevara also discovered a luminous red nova in the Messier 101 galaxy five years ago.

The discoveries were possible due to special equipment and software that analyse the light curve. The Vasile Parvan astronomic observatory has received private sponsorships in the last few years and thanks to financial help they have bought several equipments and accessories that help them with their scientific and educational projects. You can read more details about the star on the AAVSO website.






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