Coronavirus: Volunteers create free visors for over 3,000 Romanian doctors and nurses

Tough times bring people together and this is what happened with the makers community in Romania. As doctors and nurses need more help and protection in their fight against the corona pandemic, the community has started collaborating in order to create special protection visors.

The team has created a special prototype that takes a really short time to create and luckily, the materials used are very easy to find. In 7 days the team has already provided visors for over 3,000 doctors and nurses from Bucharest and from other hospitals across the country such as:

-Institutul Oncologic Alexandru Trestioreanu, 

Spitalul Clinic Colentina, 

Spital Obregia – Neurologie Pediatrica, 

Spitalul Prof Dr Constantin Angelescu, 

Spitalul CFR Cluj Napoca, 

Spitalul Municipal Slobozia, 

Maternitatea Bucur Bucuresti, 

Spitalul Judetean Ialomita, 

Maternitatea Polizu,

Institutul National de Neurologie si Boli Neurovasculare, 

Spitalul Clinic de Urgenta Floreasca,

 Spitalul Judetean Suceava,

 Spitalul Municipal Radauti, 

Spitalul Judetean Piatra Neamt,

 Spital municipal Dr. Alexandru Simionescu Hunedoara, 

Spitalul Județean de Urgență Deva, 

Spital Municipal Timisoara, 

Spitalul Stomatologic de Urgenta Deva, 



Many people and companies have donated to help and you can still donate so the team can continue to create more visors. The team is currently working in 24 hours shifts and 50 more people have offered to volunteer. Doctors and nurses desperately need these visors and there is a high demand for them.

Please donate or offer to volunteer here. Visit their Facebook page here.






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