Man rides a ​horse for 40 km to see his wife who gave birth

Photos with a young man riding a horse throughout Iasi went viral these days for the right reasons. It seems that the young man wanted to go see his wife who was giving birth to a baby boy. The post that went viral said that the buses stopped running due to the coronavirus pandemic so the man had to ride the horse.

There are strict regulations in place right now due to the coronavirus which means every person that goes out needs to have a signed declaration which states the reason for the travel. The young man had his declaration with him and was wearing a mask.

The man called Sergiu Ciobotariu said that he could not travel to the hospital from Raducaneni so he took a horse so he can bring food and baby and diapers to his wife. He said:

I tried to take a tram. But they didn’t let me. I didn’t have money for a taxi. I went back home and got on the horse. A police car stopped me. They felt pity for me and they let me go. Then, another local police team stopped me. They laughed at me, they joked around. Then, another police team stopped me, but they were nice. They didn’t fine me. They understood that it’s an emergency so they didn’t have a choice but to let me go.

Sergiu is a day worker which means he works on temporary contracts to raise his three children. He only earns 30 lei a day ( 6 euros) and has a hard life. He noted that every day he rides his horse to work and when he found out his wife is giving birth he wanted to go bring her food. Sadly, he was not allowed in the hospital due to the virus restrictions.

The Romanian press noted that the family needs help because Sergiu has started building a house, however he does not have much money to finish it. We’ve done some research but we could not find any contact details for Sergiu.






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