Self-isolation: volunteers deliver and donate food to the elderly

An association from Bistrita has been helping the elderly that have been under isolation and were not able to go out and shop or could not afford the shop.

The association called ” Imparte bucurie” ( Share joy) wanted to help them so they reached out on Facebook and asked people to help. Several people offered to volunteer to shop and others have donated money towards buying groceries. So far, 40 bags of food were delivered to them. The association stated that thanks to their volunteers, they brought a smile to their face and helped during this tough times.

The elderley especially have been affected as they cannot go out to buy medicine and food due to lack of finance or they don’t have anyone to help them. The volunteers so far have helped in towns like Bistrita, Bistrita Bargaului, Sieu Magherus, Rebrisoara, Feldru, Tarpiu and Teaca.

Next week the association wants to continue their mission. If you wish to help, you can visit their Facebook page for more details.

We are surrounded by many negative news right now due to coronavirus and it’s hard to even find anything positive on the internet. However, there are many good things happening and there are many positive news as well. If you hear about more good news please let us know., we would love to share them!






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