The 5 million years old bizarre creatures of the Movile cave

The Movile cave, located in the southeast region of Romania, was discovered in 1986 by the Romanian scientist Cristian Lascu, Stefan Sarbu si Radu Popa and it has since caught the attention of the scientists due to its peculiar ecosystem. 

After 5.5 million years, in 1990, NASA researchers have opened and studied the place, arriving at the conclusion that the underground environment of this cave resembled that of planet Mars.

Having a poisonous atmosphere and no light to penetrate the cave, different alien-like species of spiders, scorpions, woodlice, centipedes and bacteria have developed. 

To enter the cave, one must first lower themselves by rope 20 meters down a narrow shaft dug into the ground. Then, some narrow limestone tunnels coated in an ochre clay, in complete darkness and temperatures of 25 °C will eventually open into a cavern that contains a lake.  

This underground marvel has recently sparked an interest in the scientific community because of the rapid progression of the discoveries of environmental conditions on Mars. 

Even though the conditions are not fully compatible with human life, it is still a very interesting place to research for epidemiologic and speleologic purposes.

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