Top 10 inspiring Romanian photographers to follow on Instagram

Instagram is the best social media app for up-close photos of life in Romania, off the beaten track tips, and beautiful travel videos. However, Instagram is quite a big place, and it’s filled with so many random photos, how do you find the best accounts to follow? We’ve made up a list of the most inspiring Romanian photographers to follow on Instagram.

1. Romaniama

Her name is Ama and takes beautiful photos of Romania

2. Oameni.locuri

This photographer from Bucharest loves to take photos of people walking around in Romanian cities

3. Feher Alexandru takes photos of people dressed in traditional clothing from northern Romania

4.Dumitru Raul V takes amazing photos of landscapes:

5. Marius Bodo

Fairly new on Instagram but a very talented photographer:

6. Marinart.tradition

A page created to promote traditions from the village of Marin, Salaj.

7.Razvan Nica

He takes beautiful photos of landscapes throughout Romania

8.Victor Grigore

A mountain lover and bike addict from Brasov takes breathtaking photos of mountains across Romania

9. Dani Bobe

He loves architecture and if you are into it you will love his account

10. Dana Stefanescu

We love Dana and her spontaneous shots that she takes around Bucharest






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