Romanian midwife praised in national NHS campaign in UK

A Romanian midwife has become the image of the National Health Service in the UK and her photograph has been featured all over the country on bus stops and billboards.

Claudia Anghel is one of the three people chosen in the Midlands ( area of the UK) for a special project that celebrates 72 years of NHS and celebrates medical staff for their incredible efforts during the pandemic. The portraits were done by photographer Ian Rankin who normally photographs celebrities, such as the Rolling Stones.

Who is Claudia Anghel?

Claudia Anghel currently works as a Labour Coordinator at the University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire. The British media reports that her role was very important with implementing safety measures in the maternity wards in order to protect mothers and babies. She was described as a “ shining example” of her profession.

According to the Coventry Telegraph, Gaynor Armstrong the group director of Midwifery said:

It’s a credit to Claudia, and the midwifery team here at the hospital, that the profession is being recognized in this special photography campaign. 

Claudia moved to the UK in 2013 after working as a midwife in  Calarasi, Romania for 19 years. When she moved she could not speak English at all, only a bit of French and Russian. She moved first to Birmingham where she had to go to university to study midwifery again and then she started working at the local hospital.

Later on, she moved to work as a junior midwife at the university hospital in Coventry. Thanks to hard work and determination she was promoted and has received several awards such as the Extra Mile Award for Outstanding Care. In an interview on the NHS website she states:

When I was young growing up in Romania, I always knew that I wanted a career that made a difference. It was the advice of my dad, who is my absolute hero, that encouraged me to be a midwife – and I’m so glad it did. I still find my love for the job continues to grow each day.







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