Brasov to test autonomous public transport shuttle bus

Brasov city is going to be one of the ten European cities that have been chosen to test an autonomous ( driverless) public transport vehicle. The project which was named „Smart urban mobility involving autonomous vehicles” will be financed by European funds and will be supported by Siemens.

The project involves ten cities across Europe: Barcelona, Brasov, Braunschweig, Budapest, Debrecen, Helmond, Pavia, Sant Cugat del Valles and Saue Vallavalitsus. The actual testing will be done only in three cities which includes Brasov. The project was financed by the EU with 1 million euros and its purpose is to test shuttle bus services in at least 10 European cities. Depending on the results, European cities will then be able to adopt intelligent urban mobility policies and to offer alternative ways of transport that will be efficient and ecological.

So what is a smart urban vehicle? They have special sensors that are able to scan the environment, the data received from the sensors are processed and then the vehicle acts based on the results of the data. The vehicle uses different technologies such as Lidar sensors, video cameras, GPS RTK ( real-time kinematic GPS), IMU and odometry. Transilvania University, RATBV and the Sfantu Gheorghe local transport company are also participating in this project.

source: Digi






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