Visit Bucharest Today: a new app that promotes Romania

Bucharest, Romania’s capital and largest city has been quite popular with tourists last year. Around 2.7 million foreign tourists have visited Romania in 2019, before the pandemic restrictions.

For 2021, when tourism might pick up again, depending on each country’s restrictions, a new platform was created. The platform called Visit Bucharest today is an online project that was created for English speaking tourists. Adriana Gheorghe, the platform’s project manager stated :! is a platform where English speaking locals and tourists can discover the most visited attractions in the city, but also some of its hidden gems. Not only that, but Visit Bucharest Today! also presents destinations within a day trip distance from Bucharest. Thus, here you can also find attractions like Dracula’s Castle, Sighisoara medieval city or Brasov, one of the oldest citadels in Transylvania.

The creators of the platform created also an Android app called Visit Bucharest today that can be downloaded on the Google Playstore. If you want to visit Bucharest in 2021 or anytime in the future you can plan your trip with the help of the website. You will be able to discover places where you can spend time at and top attractions in Bucharest. The platform also integrated virtual tours ( to nearby destinations like Brasov, Constanta and Sibiu) so you can have an idea about what you would like to visit. Adrian Gheorge noted:

On December 1st, Romania’s National Day, we’ll start in full the promotion of the platform and the dedicated app all across European countries, with the goal to persuade more and more users to enter the platform on web or download the app from Google Play Store. Hopefully, with the help of our sponsors and partners, we will further improve this project and make it as attractive as possible, for helping the local tourism and hospitality initiatives.






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