Best 10 waterfalls to visit in Romania

Summer in Romania is hot, sunny and you can plan things in advance because the weather doesn’t really change fast as in countries like the UK. If you love hiking, taking photos or just enjoying some quiet time in nature, Romania has many beautiful areas with great landscapes.

You are in luck if you love waterfalls because Romania has plenty of spectacular ones. Here are some of the best waterfalls:

1. Horses waterfall

This waterfall can be found in Maramures county. This county is so unique in Romania : people have preserved their traditions, still wear traditional clothes, you can visit beautiful monasteries and it’s great for hiking.

Where exactly is this waterfall: Rodnei mountains, close to Borsa spa town ( where you can find plenty of bed and breakfast places). You will need to get the cable car or hike up for half an hour.

2. Duruitoarea waterfall


This waterfall is in Ceahlau mountains, Neamt county and it is protected by law.

How to get there: from Durau town you can hike for 2 hours through 3 different hiking routes that are marked. You will be happy to know that there is an area nearby with benches and tables so you can enjoy a meal and the view.

3. Balea waterfall


One of the biggest waterfalls in Romania is in Fagaras mountains. It is 60 metres high and it is nearby the glacier lake Balea.

How to get there: If you travel to Sibiu city ( which you should, it was a European capital of culture a few years ago). From Sibiu you will drive to Brasov on road 7c-Transfagarasan. You can reach the waterfall by cable car.

4. Bride veil waterfall


This 30 metres high waterfall is 68 km distance from Cluj. You can get many direct flights to Cluj from many European cities.

How to get there: You will need to drive to Rachitele village and then hike on Stanciului valley.

5. Toplita waterfall

This is the only waterfall that has thermal waters in Romania. In Europe there is only one other thermal waterfall which is in Italy. So if you happen to be in the area, you should not miss it.

 It is located in Harghita mountains, close to Mures river. This is also a protected area.

How to get there: if you take the train to Targu Mures, you can actually see it form the train. However in person you can hike from Toplita and follow the signs towards Brad. It is said that when you get closer to the waterfall you will feel the warmth as the water is naturally warm from the thermal waters.

6. Caraiman waterfall



 Also called the ghost waterfall because in some parts of the year the water dries out and you can barely see it.

How to get there:

You can see it if you take the cabin towards Babele, Bucegi mountains or hike on the Caraiman valley. It is recommended to go towards the end of spring when snow melts.

7. Urlatoarea waterfall

If you visit Busteni ( nearby Brasov), it is worth to visit the Urlatoarea waterfall. It is 15 metre high and its name comes form the sound it makes ( the howler).

How to get there: hike from Busteni following the red dot sign or go from Poiana Tapului and follow the blue dot sign.

Fun fact: it is said that queen Maria used to stop here and rest after a horseback ride.

8. Capra waterfall

Also known as Iezerului waterfall, at 40 metres height, it can be found between the Capra and Cabana Balea lake in Arges county.

How to get there: drive on the Transfagarasan towards Capra lake.

9. Lotrisor waterfall

This beautiful waterfall is on Olt valley.

How to get there: drive from Ramnicu Valcea towards Sibiu. It is 5 km away from Caciulata.

10. Clocota waterfall

If you visit Geoagiu-Bai spa town you are in for a treat. This 38-43 metre high waterfall will not only delight you but the nearby waters in Geoagiu-Bai will also heal you. The waters have many minerals that are therapeutic for rheumatism, nutritional disease and metabolic disease, stress and many others.






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