Successful painter Adrian Ghenie sells two more paintings for over 3 mil. euro!


Adrian Ghenie. photo by Mathias Schormann


Painter Adrian Ghenie is continuing his successful career by selling two more paintings. On Tuesday, Sotheby’s auction house has sold the paintings with 2,530,000 pounds ( over 3 mil. euro).

The first painting is called ” The Hunted” (2010) and it was auctioned with 1,865,000 pounds. The second is an autoportrait called ” Self-portrait as a monkey” (2011) sold for 665,000 pounds.


The hunted023
The Hunted



Self-portrait as a monkey

Adrian has sold two other paintings this year- ” The Sunflowers in 1937″ and “Self portrait as Vincent Van Gogh”.

Adrian Ghenie was born in 1977 in Baia Mare city and studied at the Arts University in Cluj-Napoca where he founded an art gallery called Galeria Plan B. He now lives in Berlin.







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