Aurel Persu, the Romanian who invented the world’s first aerodynamic car

Romanians are great inventors. They invented the quadcopter, the reaction engine, the cervical screening test and many other inventions that we talked about in a previous article. But have you ever heard of Aurel Persu? This name is quite unknown. But his invention is amazing.

Aurel Persu has invented the first aerodynamic car in the world. The car was invented around 100 years ago and nobody until now managed to create a better design with this purpose.

Aurel Persu was born in 1890 in Bucharest and has graduated with honors the Berlin-Charlottenburg Technical School. He was also awarded by the German Public Instruction Ministry for his research on the subject of aero-ships in the space environment.

In the 1920s Persu started to build an aerodynamic car financed with his own money. The design was inspired by a water drop. The cars during that time looked quite different from his design. The car he invented had the wheels integrated into the car frame. The car Persu invented has reached the aerodynamic coefficient of 0,22. Now, cars such as a Ferrari 458 reach a coefficient of 0,33.

Persu has driven the car 120,000 kilometers with a speed of 80 kilometers per hour. The car had an engine of 1400 cubic centimeters and 10 horsepower.


According to Ford and General Motors wanted to buy the car patent but Aurel Persu has refused. The car can be admired at the Dimitrie Leonida National Museum.


source: playtech







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