Several Romanians included in the New Europe 100 Innovators List

Since olden times, Romanians have been invented many useful things, such as the reaction engine, and the cervical cancer test ( for more inventions, read our Top Ten Romanian inventions article).

In present times, Romanians continue to innovate and create. This year, several of them have been included in the New Europe 100 Innovators list, which includes people who have an impact on the region’s societies, politics and business environments. The purpose of the list is to raise the profile of people who are able to make changes in the region and help them network.

The list was created by Google, the Res Public journal from Polan, Visegrad Fund and the Financial Times.

The Romanians who made it in the list are Cristiana Bogateanu, the co-founder of Academia Inventeaza ( the organizations provides educational programs focusing on robotics and electronics), Alin Chiriac who founded an NGO which focuses on running a Kids in Tech program which offers free technology clubs in schools, Sergiu Ardelean, the co-founder of Artivive ( a tool which helps artists create dimensions of art by linking classical art with digital art), Florin Talpes, founder of Bitdefender, Daniel Dines, founder of, a startup specialized in Robotic Process Automation and Ana Maria Udriste, a lawyer who has founded the Avocatoo platform.

Another person who is present in the list is Ionut Budisteanu who was nominated for creating a cost-effective self-driving car and Radu Georgescu for his work in the IT field, including developing the RAV antivirus.

See the full list here.






source: romaniainsider.






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