Students from Constanta win NASA competition

Romanian students seem to ace NASA competitions, as reported in previous articles. This time, two students from Ovidius highschool in Constanta have won the NASA international competition.

The two girls called Bianca Cosma and Mihaela Constantinescu have proposed a special project through which hotels would be built in space. The project was entitled Cicada. It is a human habitat which is set up on the Earth orbit. The habitat has a hotel chain and a park.  The project focuses on sustaining human life in space but also space tourism. The students have managed to beat thousands of other projects proposed by students in 20 countries.

The habitat would cost 30 million dollars and the space hotel could accommodate around 150 tourists. The space park includes a game room, opera hall and an aquatic park. According to DIGI TV  another team formed of Alin Stoica and Rusanda Maga have also won an award at the competition by proposing a space colony.










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