Romanian priest builds house for homeless mothers and victims of domestic violence

We have written previously about the amazing priest Dan Damaschin, who started building houses for homeless mothers and their children.

Now, the priest has managed to build 80% of the houses. The purpose of the buildings will be to house pregnant mothers that had to run away from their home, as well as mothers who beg on the streets with their children and women who are victims of domestic violence. The homes are located in Valea Lupului. The priest noted that in a month they will be able to accommodate mothers and children. Overall around 100 individuals will be able to live there. The priest, who works at the Cuza Voda maternity church in Iasi has been involved in many humanitarian projects.

Thanks to him over 1,000 children are receiving diverse benefits thanks to donations from around the country. One of his projects brings clothes, shoes, and food to poor children. As well, the priest makes sure that he organizes seaside and mountain trips for children who do well in school but cannot afford to do so.


source- adevarul







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