Romanian-Japanese student finishes top of his class at Oxford university

A Romanian-Japanese student has managed to finish top of his class at Oxford where he is studying computer science. Tamio Vesa-Nakajima, who we wrote about several times on our blog is also the president of the Romanian Society at the same university.

Tamio was born in Romania, in Timisoara and his mother is Romanian but his father is Japanese. Tamio lived a part of his life n New York with his mother, who runs an art gallery. After the second grade, he went on to finish high school in Bihor, Romania. Tamio has always been passionate about computer science and he has won the gold medal at the European IT Olympiad last year.

He also has other passions, such as playing the piano. This love of piano he has inherited from Tateo Nakajima, his father. Tamio has been composing his own creations since he was 12. He has already performed on many stages and even on national TV. According to Romania Insider, the student often plays at Oxford as well. After graduating high school Tamio was accepted to several universities such as the MIT in Boston, NYU, and Waterloo in Canada but he has chosen Oxford.


source: Romania Insider










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