Neuroscientist Sergiu Pasca to receive prestigious ASCB Scientist award for his research

Romanian professor Sergiu Pasca has won another award for his research in autism. The professor has been received the 2018 ASCB Early Career Life Scientist Award, an award which is given to researchers who have researched independently for seven or fewer years.

Currently Sergiu Pasca teaches at the Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University. He went to school in Romania in order to become a medical doctor. Later on, he created a technology through which he created artificial brain portions from skin cells. The cultures are known as neural spheroids. The cultures can be utilized in the study of the human brain and they can also be used to model brains that suffer from diseases. Pasca believes that the 3D brain tissue platform might be able to create a bridge between molecular biology and psychiatry. This will contribute towards an easier diagnosis and treatment of neuropsychiatric disease.

Sergiu Pasca has previously also won the Vilcek prize for biomedical research, about which we’ve written here.








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