Bucharest voted world’s best city for remote work

Best city in the world for remote working? Bucharest. Why is that? Besides the really fast cheap and fast internet ( one of the fastest internet in the world is in Romania), the cost of living is relatively low and there are many jobs available that allow remote working. 

A recent study by the British website broadbanddeals.co.uk has placed Bucharest on top of the list of the best cities in the world for remote work. The reasons why Bucharest is number one are many: internet speed in Bucharest was measured at 52 Mbps and the cost of living at 421 pounds (483 euros) a month. Bent Tibbits, the website’s director noted:

Bucharest has the perfect mix of the cost of living, fast internet speeds and availability of flexible jobs.

The study says that 4.33 percent of the jobs in Bucharest allowed people to work remotely. This is the highest percentage of all the cities in in the index.

Moreover, in the last few years the city has had a tech boom and there is a high demand for jobs in IT and tech. In Romania 7 out of 10 employers are in the IT industries ( Microsoft, Oracle and IBM have offices here). No wonder Romania has become a popular start-up destination and Bucharest has been ranked as the best gaming city in the world.

Besides the really good internet infrastructure, Bucharest has an airport with direct flights to most European destinations and it is very close to the seaside and a few hours away from the mountains for great city or nature breaks.

Broadbanddeals.co.uk has put Bucharest on top of the list, second in line is Houston, Las Vegas and Atlanta, US followed by Budapest.

Top 5 best cities for remote work:

  1. Bucharest

4,33% remote work jobs, Internet speed 52 Mbps, cost of living: 421 pounds

2. Houston, USA

2,76% remote work jobs, Internet speed 61Mbps, cost of living: 710 pounds

3. Las Vegas, USA

3,08 % remote work jobs, Internet speed at 36 Mbps, cost of living: 714 pounds

4. Atlanta, USA

2,84% remote jobs, Internet speed at 45 Mbps, cost of living: 807 pounds

5. Budapest, Hungary

2, 33% remote jobs, Internet speed at 41Mbps and cost of living:470 pounds

See the rest of the top here.

Why does Romania have such fast internet?

Balkan Insight noted that the internet infrastructure is better than most Western European countries because the infrastructure is new. Immediately after the fall of communism, the country went from the classic telephone to a brand new infrastructure which was able to offer better services at great prices.

In Western countries they worked on replacing copper cables with optic fibre, while in Romania the infrastructure was set up with optic fibre right from the beginning. Moreover, the internet is not owned by big corporations, but by small-service providers which means they are competing against each other in offering faster, more reliable and cheap services.

Remote working is no longer a dream of the future. In the last few years more and more people have started to work remotely and some of them have taken this further becoming digital nomads.  Nowadays, due to the circumstances most of us have been forced to do remote working. This means it is possible that companies will become more open to the idea of letting people work remotely, which means you can travel the world and work. And maybe head out to Bucharest.







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