Positive news from Romania!

Romanians will no longer need visa to travel to Canada

The president of Romania has just announced that Canada and Romania have reached an agreement concerning the issuing of visa. From May 1st 2017 Romanians that used to have visa … Continue reading

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Cluj teachers awarded on the International Day of Education

176 Romanian teachers  and 128 retired teachers were awarded in an Excellence Gala on the International Day of Education. Teachers that have obtained grades between 9,50 and 10 at the … Continue reading

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French expat in Romania:” Here I feel more free, more alive!”

In a time when Romanians migrate to different countries, foreigners migrate to ours. Romanians have always been  curious about them and always have wondered why people from countries like France, … Continue reading

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UNTOLD festival nominated for Best Major Festival at the European Festival Awards

The UNTOLD music festival was nominated for the second time to the European Festival Awards for the Best Major Festival category. According to AGERPRES, festival lovers are able to vote … Continue reading

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Ivan Patzaichin honoured with Doctor Honoris Causa title

Ivan Patzaichin, gold and silver Olympic medalist has received the title of Doctor Honoris Causa of the Bucharest Sport University. The title was given as a recognition for a life … Continue reading

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Romanians to produce the cheapest electric car in the world

Romanian and Belgian specialists are working on creating the cheapest electric car in the world. The car was presented in Cluj this year and it will be produced in Romania. … Continue reading

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Tasnad volunteers help to make the streets sparkle

Residents of Tasnad got involved in a bid to change their environment. Several local gathered together to improve the town centre. The leader of the volunteers and the organizer is … Continue reading

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Amazon to hire 600 people in its Iasi center

Amazon company has opened a new centre in Iasi, Romania on October 6. The centre is certainly helping the area as it provides over 1,000 jobs. Currently the company has … Continue reading

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Specialists introduce first Romanian 3d bio-printer that creates human organs

Good news for the medical field in Romania! A team of specialists have invented a 3D bio- printer that will be able to print human organs such as kidneys or … Continue reading

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Romanian climber conquers the Manaslu peak

Vasile Cipcigan has conquered the Manaslu peak this weekend. The Manaslu peak is 8,156 metres high and is part of the Himalayas. The climber has started his trip in August … Continue reading

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