30 positive things that Romanians did in 2018

One more year has passed and we have managed to write about a lot of positive facts, news, winnings and many more other accomplishments. Here are only 50 of some of the many positive things Romanians did in 2018:

Medals, championships, awards

  1. A 10-year old has become European champion of chess. Read about him here 

2. Digital Company Founded By Romanian Wins Timmy Award For Best Tech Culture

3. Romania Won 12 Medals At The European Youth Weightlifting Championships

4. Simona Halep  was awarded the Chris Evert World Number One Trophy

5. Romanian Textbook Awarded The Bronze Medal At The Frankfurt International Book Fair

6. David Turturean Has Won The Gold Medal At The International Astronomy Olympiad

7. Anca Damian Awarded Best Director At Warsaw International Movie Festival

8. Romanian Teams Win Gold And Silver Medals At The Canoe World Championships.

9. Romanian Students, World Champions In Robotics

10. The Royal Institute Of British Architects Awards Romanian Student With The Excellence Award


Romanian people have helped many many people in distress. These are a few selections:

11. Volunteers Rebuild Widow’s Severely Damaged House

12. Romanians Living In The UK Donate Heaters And Gifts To Vacarea Primary School Students

13. Romanian Man Saves Woman From Drowning In Italy

14. Young Girl Saved Mother And One-Year-Old Brother From Death.

Many things happened in the IT field:

15. Charity Develops A Travel Platform To Help People With Disabilities

16. Romanians Invent App That Helps You Find Your Lost Items And Your Lost Pets!

17.  Romanian Professor Invents App That Translates Legal And Medical Jargon To Plain Language


18. Medicine Students Invent App That Improves Sleep Quality


We’ve also had some truly heartwarming stories involving animals:

19. Dog Protects Missing 7-Year-Old Child For 24 Hours In The Wild



Many charitable events took place throughout the year:

20. The Second Food Bank In Romania To Be Launched In Cluj

21. Over 1 Million Romanians To Participate In World Cleanup Day

22. Craiova Teacher Asks Children To Donate Money Instead Of Bringing Flowers on the first day of school

23. People With Disabilities To Receive Free Transport In Bucharest

24. Alzheimer Village To Be Built In Iasi

25. Romanian Priest Builds House For Homeless Mothers And Victims Of Domestic Violence

26. In This Romanian Commune, The Whole Community Gathers Every Day To Cook For Their Children

27. Over 6,300 Fir Trees Were Planted Across Transylvania 

28. Three Students Cooked And Fed Homeless People With Their Own Money

and Romanians living abroad have had many accomplishments:

29. Romanian Woman Named As New Minister Of Sports In France

30. Romanian-Japanese Student Finishes Top Of His Class At Oxford University









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