50 positive things that Romanians did in 2016


There are many many many good things that happened all over the world in 2016.

There has been an ongoing international campaign to denigrate Romanians, for reasons unknown to us. For example, this year Sky news has produced a fake news documentary that showed that Romanians help terrorists get guns. This documentary proved to be fake and the people involved have been arrested. Unfortunately, this fact has not become widely known and most people of course only heard the fake news.  This fact has been discussed in one of our articles.

We must point out, there is no perfect nation. There are good and bad people in every country. However, international media chooses to portray Romanians in a negative image. This has a negative impact on people’s lives, as they suffer discrimination at their work place, at school and even on the streets ( there have been cases of people being attacked on the streets in UK for speaking Romanian). For this reason, this website was created. This website aims to show that there are many wonderful Romanians out there, Romanians that win competitions, invent useful tools, save people, help people, that Romania is a beautiful, wonderful and very welcoming place for everyone.

Here are 50 good things that happened to Romanians in 2016.


We have won many many many awards!

1.Romanian students participated in many olympiads and they have won  2 bronze medals at the Astronomy Olympiad in India.

2. It was a great year for sports: Romania is world champion at table tennis

3. We won a gold medal at the international judo competition in Japan

4. The Romanian team has won second place at the bobsleigh competition in Canada


5. A Romanian girl has broken the world record by climbing Giluwe peak

6. Romania won the second place at an IT competition in Germany


7. Two Romanian movies- Bacalaureat and Sierra Nevada have won countless awards

8.Elena Pagu has broken another world record in Australia by running a marathon at 90 years old!

9.Romanian dancers have proved to be the best in the world at an International competition.dans772417035470537825_n

10. UNTOLD festival was chosen as the best music festival in Europe

People have cared for each other in 2016

11. A child saved his sisters from a huge fire

12. Iasi students cooked for the homeless


13. A man found and returned 3,000 euro 

14. A young woman was voted as mayor and fought hard to improve the life of her little town.

15. Volunteers have cooked and shared food for poor people in Bucharest


16. A fireman saved a dog from death by applying CPR


17. A Romanian worker saved his German colleague from death by applying CPR

18. Two priests help their communities by providing free meals

19.Romanian man saved trapped driver inside a car in Italy.

20.Two students gave free supplies to poor children

21.Volunteers built 40 houses for poor people in Bacau areahabitat-for-humanity21272944372030611_n

22. Two Romanian brothers saved 9 people during Italy’s earthquakes

23. 86-year-old man donated many of his pensions to help a children hospital

24. Three men have rescued a woman from drowning in Somes river

25. A social vet clinic opened in Cluj and now people are able to care for their sick pets for free.

veterinarian cabinet_o

26.A Romanian man saved another man from drowning in Germany.

27. A baby bear was saved by rangers in Brasov county.

28. Two children returned a large sum of money found on the street.

29. A cafe where you can repair your things for free opened in Cluj.

30.Romanians donated many many toys to a children hospital in Vatican.


31. 1200 volunteers planted 30,000 trees in one weekend in Romania.

32. A man saved a child from drowning in Dambovita river.

33. A group of students helped a family after their house burnt in a fire.

34. A kind hearted person left envelopes with money in different cities to be found by people in need.


Apart from doing kindness acts, Romanians have also invented many things this year.

35. Two IT specialists invented a secure system that does not require passwords.

36. A Romanian invented a tyre that produces electricity.maxresdefault

37. Romanians have invented the cheapest electric car in the world.

38. Specialists have introduced the first 3d printer that prints human organs. This will help people who desperately need transplants.

39. A Romanian team has invented Woogie, a robot for children.


40. A “four times tougher than titanium” metal was discovered by a Romanian team

41. A 300 kg robot, invented by a Romanian and awarded at the Geneva salon of inventions will be produced in Romania.

42. Two students have invented a sensory glove for blind people.

43. A neurobiologist is growing a functional human cortex.

44. The first Romanian electric car was invented. It is called the Electric Wolf.


Romania has become home for many expats

45.A British young woman has decided to call Cluj-Napoca city her home.


46. French expat has also chosen Cluj as his home


47. An American couple fell in love with Maramures county.


48.An Irish man moved to Maramures county and now he promotes it.


49. A British writer has chosen Transylvania as her home.


50. And, let’s not forget…Romania was voted as one of the most welcoming countries for expats!







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