50 positive things Romanians did in 2017

Another year has passed and many many positive things have happened, many people have invented useful tools, others have volunteered to help the homeless, the poor children, they have built houses and others have had great results at many competitions. Our website has tried to present to the world many of the positive things Romanians did this year and still, we have not managed to present all the good news but only a small part that has become known in the media. Last year we presented 50 good things that Romanians did in 2016 .

This year we continue the tradition and we list 50 positive things that Romanians did in 2017 ( although we have written more than 300 positive news!). We have categorized the 50 positive things in volunteering, inventions, Romanian immigrants and prize-winning Romanians.


Many people have volunteered across the country for different reasons

  1. A 14-year-old child has helped teach Math, English, and Romanian to children from poor families.
  2. Volunteers have served soup to the homeless in Bucharest.


3. Two ladies have launched a free mobile dental clinic for people in the countryside who have no access to dental care.

4.Volunteers built a new house for an 83-year-old lady living in a run house down.


5. Over 1,000 children have planted 10,000 trees in Ploiesti.

6. Volunteers have donated over 3,000 packages to lonely and vulnerable people on Christmas.


7.A Romanian woman has opened a free laundry service for the poor.

8.Volunteers gave flowers to 6,500 retired people on the International Day of the Elderly.

9. A couple has asked wedding guests to donate to dog shelters instead of bringing flowers to their wedding.

10. A Romanian woman has donated 400,000 euros to the dr. Ioan Cantacuzino hospital.


Many Romanians help build the future


11. Two twin architects contribute to the creation of many futuristic buildings from across the world, including the Apple center in the USA.

12. Romanian architect helps build the train of the future which will travel 500 km in 30 minutes.

13. Several Romanians have been included in the New Europe 100 Innovators.

14. Cluj researchers invented a drink which helps in the treatment of digestive disease.


15.Romanians invent app that notifies you about dangers nearby.

16.We presented the case of Daniela Rus who is building robots at MIT.

17.Romanians have created an intelligent scooter which is qualified as a finalist in a US competition.


18.Students from Cluj high schools have invented an app that waters flowers while you are away.

19.Romanian psychologists invent an app that cures depression.

20.The Romanian army has invented a bullet proof vest for women.

21. Romanian doctor discovers blood test that finds cancer before symptoms start.


Romanian immigrants have proved that not only they integrate into any country they have moved to, but they are bringing their valuable contribution to their community.


22. A Romanian woman was elected as a local councilor in a UK town.

23. A young man has become the CEO of one of the biggest companies in India.

24.Young Teacher helps the Romanian community in Germany learn the language for free.


25.Romanian workers have stopped a robbery in London.

26. Romanian teenager living in Italy was praised by the Italian press for her results in education.

27. Another Romanian girl was also praised in the British media for her results in school.

28. Romanian professor was awarded by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.


We have won many, many competitions!


29. Loredana Toma has won 3 gold medals at the World Weightlifting competition.

30. Romanian students win four gold medals at the International IT competition in Bulgaria.

31.Elena Ungureanu and Loredana Ohai won the gold and bronze medal at the World Police Games in Abu Dhabi.

32.Romanian police officer has won gold at the World Fudokan Karate Championships.

33.Girl’s choir from Timisoara has won a gold medal at an International Music Competition in Croatia.

34.Diana Buzoianu has won the Telegraph photography competition.

35.Romanian cyclist Denis Vulcan has become Spain’s number one cyclist for under 23 category.

36. Romanian woman and her organization awarded at the Panter Gala in Berlin.

37. A Romanian woman is part of the team of researchers that won the Nobel prize for Phyisics.

38. Simona Halep has become world no 1!

39. Bogdan Dumitrache has won Best Actor award at San Sebastian movie festival.

40. Romanian beauty was crowned as Miss Global Charity Queen.

41. Romania has won gold and silver at the Invictus Games.

42. Romania has won a gold medal at the World Rowing Championships.

43. Romania won two gold medals and three bronze medals at the European Aerobics Championships.

44. Romania wins 45 medals at the European Weightlifting Championships.

45. Romania wins one gold medal and three silver medals at the European IT competition.

46. Romania wins the European Table Tennis Championships.

47. Catalina Ponor and Marian Dragulescu win gold and silver medals at a competition in Hungary.

48. Horia Tecau and Julien Rojer have won the US open!

49. Larisa Iordache wins the gold medal at the Summer Games in Taipei.

50. Romanian students win NASA competition.



Thank you for following us in 2017 and we hope to bring many more positive news in 2018!













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