50 positive things that Romanians did in the last decade ( 2010-2020)

It has been a decade in which many many good things happened. Although if you follow mainstream media you might believe that the world is getting worse, research shows that in fact, the world is getting better ( just read this book called Factfulness, which explains how media made us believe that the world is such a dangerous place to be in). So we’ve made a list that shows how many good things happened in the last decade and we’ve split it in categories, starting with:

Selfless acts:

  1. A 6 year old boy saved his sisters from a huge fire.

2. A group of students from Iasi cooked for the homeless.

3. Volunteers have cooked and shared food for poor people in Bucharest

4. A fireman saved a dog from death by applying CPR

5. A Romanian worker saved his German colleague from death by applying CPR

6. Volunteers built 40 houses for poor people in Bacau area

7. Two Priest Brothers Are Helping Their Communities By Providing Free Meals

8. Romanian Man Saves Driver Trapped Inside Crashed Car In Italy

9. Two Romanian brothers saved 9 people during Italy’s earthquakes

10. 86-year-old man donated many of his pensions to help a children hospital

11. Three men have rescued a woman from drowning in Somes river

12. A Romanian man saved another man from drowning in Germany.

13. 1200 volunteers planted 30,000 trees in one weekend in Romania.

14, A man saved a child from drowning in Dambovita river.

15. A group of students helped a family after their house burnt in a fire.

16.Two ladies have launched a free mobile dental clinic for people in the countryside who have no access to dental care.

17. Volunteers built a new house for an 83-year-old lady living in a run house down.

18. Over 1,000 children have planted 10,000 trees in Ploiesti.

19. Volunteers have donated over 3,000 packages to lonely and vulnerable people on Christmas.

20. A Romanian woman has opened a free laundry service for the poor.

21. Romanian workers stopped a robbery in London

22. A Romanian woman has donated 400,000 euros to the dr. Ioan Cantacuzino hospital.

23. A couple has asked wedding guests to donate to dog shelters instead of bringing flowers to their wedding.

24. Volunteers Rebuild Widow’s Severely Damaged House

25. Romanians Living In The UK Donate Heaters And Gifts To Vacarea Primary School Students

26. Romanian Man Saves Woman From Drowning In Italy

27. Young Girl Saved Mother And One-Year-Old Brother From Death.

28. Over 1 Million Romanians To Participate In World Cleanup Day

29. Craiova Teacher Asks Children To Donate Money Instead Of Bringing Flowers on the first day of school

30. People With Disabilities To Receive Free Transport In Bucharest

31. Romanian Priest Builds House For Homeless Mothers And Victims Of Domestic Violence

32. Over 6,300 Fir Trees Were Planted Across Transylvania 

33. Romanian Diaspora Invite Truck Drivers To Have Christmas Dinner Thanks To Campaign

34. 10,000 Lives Saved In Romania Thanks To Thousands Of Blood Donors

35. 72 Year Old​ Man Donated His Life Savings To Save Babies

36. Off-Duty Romanian Police Officers Save Tourists From Attacks In Rome

Romanians have also invented many things and have received different awards:

37. Romanians Invent App That Helps You Find Your Lost Items And Your Lost Pets!

38. Romanian Professor Invents App That Translates Legal And Medical Jargon To Plain Language

39. Medicine Students Invent App That Improves Sleep Quality

40. Romanian architect helps build the train of the future which will travel 500 km in 30 minutes.

41. Several Romanians have been included in the New Europe 100 Innovators.

42. Romanians have created an intelligent scooter which is qualified as a finalist in a US competition.

43. Romanian doctor discovers blood test that finds cancer before symptoms start.

44.  A Romanian woman is part of the team of researchers that won the Nobel prize for Phyisics.

45.Simona Halep has become world no 1!

46. Two Romanian Women Named Among MIT’s Top 35 Innovators Under The Age Of 35

47. Romanian Researchers Invent Voice Recognition Software

48. See the story of an Immigrant Romanian Woman who built a fortune in Portugal

49. Adrian Ghenie’s Paintings Sell For Over 2 Million Pounds

50. Romanian Student Wins The Junior Nobel Prize In Computer Science

Thank you for reading our extra positive articles this decade and we hope the next 10 years to bring us many more positive news and stories about Romania and Romanians!








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